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The division is located in the Assessment and Certification Unit (ACU).
The ACU has offices for the following:

- Head of Quality Assurance Division
- Quality Assurance Specialist
- Assessment and Certification Specialist
- Registration and Inspection Specialist
- Curriculum Development Specialist

Each service centre has a Curriculum Development Specialist.

These work under the Head of Quality Assurance Division through the Service Centre Managers.
The division plans and reviews programs once every quarter .This is done in closer collaboration with the Planning and Monitoring Division.

The division also works in closer collaboration with the TPD in the implementation of the Apprenticeship scheme.
The success of the division and its related programs is dependent on good team-working among the various officers within the division and TEVETA as a whole.

CDS s in the regions also work as ambassadors of the QAD in the regions they are found as such they are supposed to be well conversant with functions of the QAS, ACS and RIS.