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TEVETA collaborates with other stakeholders in implementation of on the job training programme (OJTP) where it signs a Memorandum of Understanding with organizations that are involved in the construction of infrastructure such as school blocks, teacher’s houses e.tc.

The MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) stipulates that TEVETA can attach youth from within the area where the projects are with a view of training them in fields such as bricklaying, carpentry and joinery and plumbing.

This is a special training programme for the informal sector and targets youths with an academic qualification of MSCE.

They pursue training in construction trades during construction of various donor funded structures.
Currently, DFID is constructing school blocks in many primary schools throughout the country and 3 trainees (1 girl & 2 Boys) are attached on each site.


- Is to providing unemployed youths an opportunity to attain competencies in construction e.g. plumbing, bricklaying and carpentry skills to improved access to both wage and/or self-employment using the acquired competencies.


- There are few places of attachment due to limited number of partners.
- Demand for the programme is enormous and the in-take per site is negligible even though holistically for TEVETA something is happening