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Highlights of the IEC Department

The Information, Education and Commummication (IEC) department is a function under TEVETA Management division. It is there to address Goal number one of the 2007-2012 Strategic Plan which is to maintain Labour Market Information for Policy and Programme Planning one whose strategies is to intensify marketing/public relations activities by rasing the visibility/profile of TEVET system and TEVETA and increase the willingness of the employers to contribute to the TEVET Fund. The department is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Designing TEVETA marketing, IEC and Public Relations Strategies;
  • Market TEVETA programmes and act as a representative with the media in order to achieve organisations's visibility in the Labour Market;
  • Implement appropriate IEC and Public Relations (PR) to promote TEVET policy, programmes, activities and services
  • Coordinate the developmentand production of TEVET promotional materials;
  • Prepare budgets and mobilise resources for IEC and PR programmes and activities
  • Sensitise stakeholders on Levy is used
  • Create awareness on the activities and programmes of TEVETA

The department stands to implement the following main objectives:

  • Publicising, raise awareness among all stakeholders using languages and maintain the profile of TEVETA (its objectives/ approach)
  • To promote dialogue at all levels of society between the policy makers and the stakeholders on TEVETA issues.
  • To achieve about 60% of the editorial coverage in the local media-boh electronic and print about TEVETA activities and programmes
  • Devise creative campaign tools that would create understanding among stakehodlers to support programmes or services of TEVETA.