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Benefits of apprenticeship
• You get exposed to industry life and ethics of the work place
• You receive well planned and organised training
• You get trained under the supervision of well qualified trainers and experienced supervisors
• You obtain a recognised TEVET certificate at national level upon qualifying for the award
• You improve on job prospects roles and responsibilities

A) Apprentice
• Commit oneself to work and study for a period of four years to be fully qualified in that particular occupation/trade
• Agree to be trained in a chosen occupation/trade
• Sign an apprenticeship contract for a period of three years with an employer
• Follow all instructions given by the employer
• Comply with all regulations and rules and disciplines governing the apprenticeship scheme
• Attend both institutional and industrial training regularly to ensure that a log book is filled in, kept up to date and duly signed by the supervisor
• Pay relevant school fees and examination fees to the relevant examining body
• Participate in all components of the exams as per competency based educational training scheme of assessment

• Ensure that the terms of the contract between the apprentice and the employer are observed
• Produces special contract forms to be signed by the employer and apprentice in triplicate
• Facilitate placement in industry for an apprenticeship
• Register the apprentice
• Monitor on the job training at the work place and institutional learning for the apprentice
• Provide the apprentice with a free log book
• Coordinates examinations throughout the apprenticeship period

C) Employers
• Provide a safe and suitable work environment for the apprentice
• Honour the signed contract with the apprentice
• Train and assess the apprentice in the skills, knowledge and techniques of a chosen occupation/trade
• Release the apprentice for institutional training during block release