Through the programmes under research, planning, monitoring and evaluation, TEVETA is able to maintain TEVET information for Policy and programme Planning and at the same time share the information with the stakeholders. The purposes for the department responsible for research, planning, monitoring and evaluation are to:

- Ensure evidence-based policy formulation and decision-making by i.e. monitoring gaps between supply and demand for skills for key sectors.
- Provide a hub for coordinating the planning and monitoring activities of the TEVET system and TEVETA .

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
Various instruments are used to collect and analyse data under various programmes for purposes of tracking progress and provide timely interventions where challenges are met. These are done under the guide of the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.

Research and Development
Research done to ensure that programme implementation is guided and supported by evidence. As such TEVETA conducts evaluation and development research to ensure that the programmes are designed based on stakeholder demands and at the same throuh evaluation reaserch TEVETA continually assess the relevance of programmes as they get implemented.

Information and Communication Technology
Provides the hub for information management and communication. This is a resource centre providing a one stop shop for varoius resources on TEVET